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Lesley Cookman - the Queen Of Cosy Crime


Thank you for visiting the website of Lesley Cookman, author of the best selling Libby Sarjeant Mystery Series, and the new Edwardian Murder Mystery Series, The Alexandrians.

A facebook reader group can be found at 'Lesley Cookman's Libby Loonies'

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"I LOVE this series - another corker from lesley cookman!"- Christina Jones"...a real page turner" Katie Fforde"Lesley Cookman is the Queen of Cosy Crime" Paul Magrs

Latest News

The 21st full length Libby Sarjeant Mystery will be published on September 8th by Headline Accent.

Someone plunges to his death over the edge of a cliff near the village of St Aldeberge. Libby is asked by nervous villagers if she can find out what happened, which, of course, she does, with the help of Fran Wolfe, vicar Patti Pearson and the regulars in Steeple Martin.

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